Marsa Maroc Group is committed to a rigorous quality, safety and environment approach within the framework of an integrated management system.


The Quality-Safety-Environment certification of all (*) operational sites of Marsa Maroc Group and the implementation of a QSE management system has enabled the Group to improve its performance, ensure a safe working environment for its employees, and provide quality services in line with the expectations of its customers while mitigating its environmental impacts.


The Group devotes substantial human, technical, organizational and financial resources to implement the commitments contained in its QSE policy and thus improve the operational and environmental performance of its managed ports and terminals.


(*) Except for Tanger Med TC3 which has only been operational since January 1st, 2021


Marsa Maroc is particularly attentive to the content and quality of services provided to its customers. Therefore, the Group has implemented a quality management system that places the customer at the top of its priorities in order to provide ever better services.

The Group's quality policy is defined on the basis of its strategic orientations and aims to satisfy its customers by providing them with services that are constantly tailored to their needs, as well as by controlling the costs and improving the deadlines associated with these services.

Since 2015, all (*) operational sites of Marsa Maroc have been certified according to the international standard for quality management, ISO 9001. Obtaining this label crowns the efforts undertaken by the Group to satisfy the requirements of its customers.

(*) Except for Tanger Med TC3 which has only been operational since January 1st, 2021

Occupational Health and Safety

Marsa Maroc Group places the health and safety of its employees as a top priority. The Group ensures that all its sites are safe and secure for all the staff.

The Group has implemented a health and safety management system taking into account the various specific aspects related to its activity. This management system consists of the identification, evaluation and control of occupational risks for all employees. The main objective is to prevent work-related accidents, improve safety conditions at workstations, and strengthen the ability to respond efficiently to accidents and emergency situations.

Marsa Maroc has certified the activities and processes of all (*) its operational sites according to the international standard OHSAS 18001 for occupational health and safety.

(*) Except for Tanger Med TC3 which has only been operational since January 1st, 2021



The environmental policy of Marsa Maroc Group is part of a continuous control and improvement approach of its environmental performance. It denotes strong commitments to control the risks of pollution inherent to its activity, ensure a rational and responsible use of natural resources, comply with the regulatory requirements in force, and also integrate the environmental dimension in the study of new projects.

Thanks to these efforts, the Group has obtained the ISO 14001 certification, which is considered to be the most advanced international standard in terms of environmental protection.