The gateway to the Oriental region

Marsa Maroc operates 3 terminals in Nador port, which is the main gateway for imports and exports in the Oriental region. It provides regional economic operators with important multi-purpose and specialized facilities, notably to handle minerals, Ro-Ro and oil, as well as passengers.

In short
3 operated terminals :

1 Multi-purpose terminal 

1 Oil terminal 

1 Passengers and Ro-Ro terminal

Main products:

Minerals, citrus and early fruits, steel products, oils and containers 

Cargo storage :

Around 15ha dedicated 

Handled goods

Nearly 3 million tons/year

Handled Ro-Ro units

19,000 Ro-Ro units/year handled 

Maritime services

Towing and pilotage

marsa maroc

Main assets

High capacity infrastructures serving the Oriental region

A trade hub connected to railway network

Important infrastructures to handle passengers and cars in the best conditions

A secure parking area dedicated to Ro-Ro traffic

Certified terminals in conformity with ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001.

activité   Activity

dry bulk, general cargo and containers

linéaire de quai   Quay length

420 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

13 meters

Managed Infrastructures

420 meters quay length with a water depth  of 13 meters, and a 625 meters quay length with a water depth of 10 meters.

14.75 ha dedicated to cargo warehouses

Main equipment

2 rail cranes (40 tons)
2 rail cranes (38 tons)
5 rail cranes (10 tons)
2 mobile cranes (6 tons)
38  forklifts
21 wheel loaders
4 fifth-wheel tractors
5 tractors (25 tons)
5 conveyors

activité   Activity

Passengers and Ro-Ro

linéaire de quai   Quay length

680 meters

Managed Infrastructures

680 meters quay length

8 000 m² of shaded areas

A fixed bridge connecting passengers terminal to berths

4 bridges for passengers

2 reinforced concrete ramps and one semi-hydraulic ramp

A Ro-Ro parking area

Maritime routes

Nador -Almeria

Nador –Sète

activité   Activity

Liquid bulk cargo

linéaire de quai   Quay length

100 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

10,85 meters

Managed Infrastructures

100 meters quay length with a water depth of 10.85 meters

Main equipment

A network of pipelines

Contact us
Address : BP.88 Béni-Ensar Email : Commercial contact : Phone : 00 212 5 36 60 85 18 Fax : 00 212 5 36 60 85 31

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