Marsa Maroc offers its clients a wide range of port services. Besides goods related services representing its core business, the group also offers services to ships such as piloting and towing.


Marsa Maroc Group also proposes to major industrialists a comprehensive offer consisting in taking full charge of their logistics services from end to end.

Goods services

Main services

This service is the core business of Marsa Maroc and concerns cargo loading and unloading. It includes shipboard operations, quayside operations as well as goods transfer from quay to storage areas and vice versa.

Marsa Maroc provides its customers with warehouses and areas meant for temporary storage of goods.

The weighing service is used to determine weight of cargo.

These services consist, respectively, of the loading and unloading of goods into/ from a container.

Related services

This service consists of transferring goods by skid systems, from quay to storage areas and vice versa.

This service consists in the stowing of goods in order to constitute a slope to increase the volume of a crane's grip.

This service consists of placing / moving the goods on/off the truck body.