Multi-traffic facilities to serve the needs of Casablanca, the economic hub of the Kingdom

Marsa Maroc operates in the first port of the Kingdom, and handles a very diversified traffic.

This diversity has required setting up an appropriate organization by activity sector based on the particularity of infrastructures, equipment and human resources and adapted to the main activities, namely: containers, conventional cargo, minerals and Ro-Ro.


In short
Operated terminals

1 Containers terminal 

1 Multi-purpose terminal 

1 Ro-Ro terminal

1 Minerals terminal

Main products

Containers, steel products, wood and wood products, big bags, coal, petroleum coke, cereals, animal feed, vehicles and machinery

Car storage

A 5-storey car storage area with a capacity of 5,000 units

Handled goods

Over 10 million tons/year 

Achieved Container volume

Over 350 000 TEUs/year and nearly 800.000 TEUs including TC3PC*


*traffic achieved in 2019

Vehicles volume

100 000 units

marsa maroc

Main assets

4 terminals with high performance equipment to serve the needs of importers and exporters

A capacity of handling 700,000 TEUs in terms of domestic container traffic (and 1.300.000 TEUs including TC3PC)

Goods safety and security: remote terminal surveillance system and sealing of port areas

A large covered multi-storey area of 100,000 m2 dedicated to vehicles and offering value-added services to operators

The terminal has been awarded three certifications; ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001.

activité   Activity


linéaire de quai   Quay length

600 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

12 meters

Managed infrastructures

600 meters quay length with a water depth between 11 meters and 12 meters 

4 berths

An area of approximately 60 ha for containers storage

400 electrical connections for refrigerated containers

1 RO-RO bridge with a capacity of 100 tons

Main equipment

6 gantry cranes

21 straddle carriers of 40 tons

30 fifth-wheel tractors

20  forklifts

60 high trailers of 60 tons

20 low trailers

activité   Activity


pronfondeur   Maximum depth

8,2 meters

Managed Infrastructures

2 bridges of a capacity of 100 tons and 35 tons, at a depth of 8.2 meters 

A vertical storage area for vehicles with a storage capacity of 5,000 units

activité   Activity

General cargo

linéaire de quai   Quay length

1 545 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

10,36 meters

Managed infrastructures

1 545 meters quay length with a water depth between 7.62 meters and 10.36 meters 

12 berths

21,000 m2 of covered storage area

84 610 m2 de terres-pleins

Main equipment

4 mobile cranes with a capacity ranging from 25 tons to 150 tons

15 rail cranes with a capacity ranging from 10 tons to 40 tons

61 fork lifts with a capacity ranging from 3 tons to 45 tons

17 tractors with a capacity ranging from 30 tons to 160 tons

22 loaders ranging from 0.75 m3 to 5 m3

activité   Activity

Solid bulk cargo

linéaire de quai   Quay length

240 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

9,75 meters

Managed infrastructures

240 meters long quay that is 9.75 meters  deep

An area of 3.88 ha

Main equipment

2 minerals gantries of 16 tons and 14 tons 

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Address : Bd.des Almohades Casablanca Email : Commercial contact : Phone : 212 5 22  31 71 11 Fax : 212 5 22 31 58 95

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