The specialist of the cold chain

Marsa Maroc operates in the port of Agadir, which is the main gateway for goods in the southern region. It provides the region's economic operators with important multi-purpose and specialized facilities, particularly with regard to the cold chain for the food industry. 

In short
Operated terminals

2 managed terminals

Main products

Ores, cereals, oil & gas, citrus fruits and early vegetables

Handled goods

3 million tons/year

Container volume

Over 150,000 TEUs/year

Refrigerated containers

An electrical power system to supply up to 900 refrigerated containers

Maritime services

Towing and pilotage

marsa maroc

Main assets

Important cold chain facilities to process food and fish products

Large capacities

An advanced information system for the automated management of containers terminal

The terminals have been awarded three certifications; ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001

activité   Activity

Containers and solid bulk cargo

linéaire de quai   Quay length

670 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

10,5 meters

Managed infrastructures

670 meters long and 10.5 meters deep quay

10.8 ha of yard

Main equipment

2 container gantries of 40 tons

4 rail cranes of 6 tons

3 RTG cranes of 100 tons

1 RTG crane of 45 tons

2 RTG cranes of a payload of 120 tons

2 automated cranes

13 straddle carriers with a capacity of 40 tons, 5 of which are "1-over-3"

30 forklifts of a payload ranging from 2.5 tons to 42 tons

4 tractors of  a payload of 25 tons

15 fifth-wheel tractors of 60 tons

An electrical power system to supply up to 900 refrigerated containers 

1 conveyor of a capacity to handle 550 tons/h

6 loaders of a capacity between 2.7 m3 and 4 m3

3 loaders of a capacity between 0,5 m3 and 2,5 m3

activité   Activity

Liquid bulk cargo

linéaire de quai   Quay length

64 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

8,5 meters

Managed infrastructures

64 meters long and 8.5 meters deep quay

Main equipment

Hoses and pipelines for the handling of petroleum products

Contact us
Address : BP.48 Port d'Agadir Email : Commercial contact : Phone : 212 5 28 84 37 00 Fax : 212 5 28 84 28 25

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