For passengers' comfort and safety 

Marsa Maroc operates the passengers terminal of Al Huceima port. The terminal provides passengers with necessary facilities including reception halls and shaded areas to make their trip a comfortable and safe experience.

Marsa Maroc also offers many maritime services to different types of ships docking at the port (mainly piloting and towing). 

In short
Operated terminals

Passengers Terminal of Al Huceima

Type of traffic


Maritime services

Piloting and towing

activité   Activity

Passengers and cars

linéaire de quai   Quay length

320 meters

Managed Infrastructures

320 meters of quay length

4600 m² of shaded areas

Contact us
Address : BP.88 Béni-Ensar Email : Commercial contact : Phone : 00 212 5 36 60 85 18 Fax : 00 212 5 36 60 85 31

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