Marsa Maroc’s facilities handle nearly 10 million* tons of liquid bulk, mainly hydrocarbons.

This traffic is mainly processed at the port of Mohammedia, the top national port facility for liquid bulk.

Besides unique know-how in the handling of hydrocarbons, Marsa Maroc’s facilities offer a large network of pipes as well as equipment adapted to this traffic.

Due to the high risk of fire and pollution of the bulk liquids handled by the Group, strict prevention measures are deployed, particularly with regard to the treatment of polluted water and the fight against fires, using the latest technologies in water pumping, automatic detection and extinguishing, etc.


* Annual traffic of 9.7 MT in 2019.

marsa maroc

1 milliontons of capacity offered at the port of Mohammedia

marsa maroc

1 terminals / docks dedicated to hydrocarbons

marsa maroc

1 million tons of traffic

marsa maroc


Triple certified terminals ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001

Expertise in handling hydrocarbons through a presence at Morocco’s 1st oil port with a large capacity of more than 20 million tons

Large network of pipes, adapted equipment (flexible unloading arms)

Important means of preventing and combating pollution and fire risks