Since its creation, Marsa Maroc uses sponsoring as a tool to work in favor of the socio-economic development and the sports and cultural influence of Morocco in general, and more particularly of the 9 regions where it is present.


The main objective is to increase the visibility of Marsa Maroc and its services to its communities (customers, shipping companies, shipping agents, freight forwarders etc.) and strengthen the positive image of the company by financing partners who share our values and / or our objectives.


Sponsoring also allows Marsa Maroc to develop its notoriety, to facilitate its insertion in its economic and social environment and to create around it a climate of confidence. The objective of our sponsoring actions is also to enter into an emotional relationship with our public beyond our role of public service and the services usually offered. 


The present charter defines the policy followed by Marsa Maroc in terms of sponsoring. 


Main areas of our sponsorships

Promotion of the port profession

Marsa Maroc supports professional events related to its business as a port operator. Marsa Maroc is interested in exhibitions, forums, conferences related to logistic, ports and the maritime industry.


Performing arts 

Marsa Maroc participates in the cultural development of the country and contributes to its cultural life through sponsoring several associations and cultural players mainly in the theater, music and the performing arts. 


marsa maroc


Marsa Maroc contributes to the promotion of national sports by supporting several leading sports associations and events.
Among the sports disciplines Marsa Maroc focuses on are soccer, tennis, judo and running.

Social and Environmental

Marsa Maroc engages in partnerships in line with its desire to participate in the socio-economic development of the country. In this register, Marsa Maroc pays particular attention to the schooling of children in underprivileged areas.

By the nature of its activity, Marsa Maroc places the environmental cause at the heart of its concerns and thus brings its financial support to several actions in particular those in relation with the preservation of the littoral and the sensitization of the young public to the protection of the environment, and more globally any activity related to sustainable development. 

Our sponsoring criteria 

Marsa Maroc supports actions that are in harmony with its sponsorship policy and more generally the company's communication strategy.

The sponsoring actions must meet certain criteria in terms of values and objectives.

Several criteria are taken into consideration:

  • The action must fall within one of the sponsorship areas mentioned above ;
  • The object and the targets of the action or the event must be inconcordance with the communication strategy of the company and its values ;
  • The action or the event must take place in one of the regions of presence of Marsa Maroc ;
  • Except for the sponsorship, the communication campaign must allow an excellent visibility of the brand " Marsa Maroc ". As a general rule, themain counterpart of a support is a punctual visibility for the company in the form of advertising insertions,  banners and other flags during a demonstration or an event.