The island port

Marsa Maroc operates in the port of Dakhla and supports the development of economic operators thanks to its facilities and equipment dedicated to develop the natural resources of the region, in particular pelagic products and oil. 

In short
Operated terminals

1 terminal and 2 quays

Main products

Pelagic products and oil

Handled goods

800,000 tons/year


7,4 ha of yard

Maritime services

Towing and pilotage

marsa maroc

Main assets

Facilities dedicated to the development of the region's natural resources

Potential for the development of containers traffic 

Proximity to commercial and industrial zones

The terminals have been awarded three certifications; ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001

activité   Activity

Liquid bulk, general cargo and containers

linéaire de quai   Quay length

450 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

6 meters

Managed infrastructures

450 meters long and 6 meters deep quay

Main equipment

2 automated cranes of 6 tons

5 forklifts of a capacity between  3 tons and 42 tons

3 fifth-wheel tractors of 60 tons

3 high container trailers of 60 tons

activité   Activity

General cargo

linéaire de quai   Quay length

150 meters

pronfondeur   Maximum depth

8 meters

Managed infrastructures

150 meters long and 8 meters deep quay

Yards of  a total area (Inner and Outer quays) of 7,4 ha 

Main equipment

1 automated crane of 35 tons

1 automated crane of 6 tons

6 forklifts of a capacity between 3 and 42 tons 

Contact us
Address : Nouveau port de Dakhla, BP.335 Email : Commercial contact : Phone : 00 212 5 28 89 88 18 Fax : 00 212 5 28 89 88 25

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