Marsa Maroc Group attaches the greatest importance to the purchase and maintenance of its equipment, as it is aware that the operational excellence to which it continuously aspires depends first and foremost on the reliability and performance of its equipment fleet.

The Group strives to provide its operational sites with a wide range of equipment that is perfectly adapted to the needs of its customers in terms of cargo volumes handled, packaging, and vessels’ characteristics.

Equipment availability and reliability are key priorities for the Group. Therefore, the maintenance policy adopted by the Group in its various terminals is mainly focused on systematic prevention in order to anticipate the risks of equipment failure.

Equipment Categories

The Group’s equipment fleet consists of 3 categories :

engins de levage marsa maroc

Lifting equipment

These are used for loading and unloading cargo from ships. This category includes container gantries, ore gantries, wheel cranes and rail cranes.

engins roulants marsa maroc

Wheel equipment

This category of equipment is used for transferring goods between the docks and storage areas and for loading goods onto evacuation means. This category includes RTGs, straddle carriers, forklifts, loaders, tractors, etc.

engins flottants marsa maroc

Floating equipment

This category includes pilot boats and tugs used especially for pilotage and towing operations within the port.

Equipment fleet in figures


20 container gantry cranes (40 to 65 tons)
33 rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTG)
3 wheel cranes (100 to 120 tons)
37 straddle carriers (40 tons)
14 reachstackers
43 forklifts
119 tractors with a fifth-wheel coupling (60 tons)

Bulk cargo equipment

5 ores gantry cranes (14 to 28 tons)
8 autocranes (6 to 35 tons)
48 rail cranes (6 to 40 tons)
23 wheel cranes (6 to 150 tons)
190 forklifts (2,5 to 45 tons)
57 tractors (25 to 160 tons)
108 loaders (1 m3 to 7 m3)
14 conveyor belts

Floating equipment

18 tugs with a towing capacity ranging from 14 to 72 tons
16 pilot boats