Since its establishment, Marsa Maroc contributes to improving logistics in Morocco with the aim of having a positive impact on the community to better integrate itself in its external environment, not only as an economic player but also as a social player. 

The Group has chosen to focus on 4 priority areas:


marsa maroc

Positive social impact

Since its creation, the Group has been committed to social development in Morocco, with a focus on important causes such as children schooling in underprivileged
areas, promoting entrepreneurial culture among young people, and contributing to the country’s social development. 

marsa maroc

Promotion of performing arts

Marsa Maroc participates in the cultural development of the country and contributes to its cultural life through sponsoring several associations and cultural players.

marsa maroc

Sponsoring national sports

Marsa Maroc contributes to the promotion of national sports by supporting several leading sports associations and events.

marsa maroc

Valorization of the port profession

Marsa Maroc supports several events (exhibitions, conferences, etc.) related to port and logistics sector to highlight its progress and contribute to exchanges between experts on common issues.