Marsa Maroc Group places environment preservation, and more particularly the improvement of its environmental performance, at the heart of its concerns.

Thanks to its environmental policy, the Group acts on 5 main areas :



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Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 

Marsa Maroc calculates GHG emissions at its sites, assesses the carbon footprint of its activities and acts to offset/reduce its emissions.

Energy efficiency

The Group adopts an energy efficiency approach based mainly on optimizing its energy mix.

Waste reduction and disposal

Marsa Maroc adopts an optimal waste management strategy through volumes traceability to act upstream and minimize its production.  

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Preserving “Water” and “Oceans” Resources

The Group acts to preserve water resources and focuses its efforts on preventing marine pollution.

Preventing soil pollution

Marsa Maroc deploys the necessary means to prevent soil pollution, particularly within sites that handle high-risk goods.