marsa maroc

Marsa Maroc is launching the platform dedicated to the dematerialization of tenders and consultations.

Marsa Maroc’s suppliers will now be able to complete the various formalities relating to the purchasing process online. Responding to confidentiality and IT security requirements, this new portal offers suppliers the possibility to :

  • Consult current tenders and consultations ;
  • Request any information relating to a tender or a consultation ;
  • Submit their mailings and electronic offers ;
  • Associate previously tendered documents with a current tender ;
  • Withdraw a deposited electronic offer ;
  • Complete their files or rectify any material errors at the request of the purchasing committee ;
  • Consult the result of the bid opening and tender evaluation session.

The deployment of this solution is already effective for the headquarter and the port of Casablanca’s purchases, and will be fully applicable at the level of the rest of the ports starting from June 1st, 2020.

Through the launch of this platform, Marsa Maroc intends to optimize its purchasing process by reducing the completion times of its procedures and the resulting costs for both the company and its suppliers.

This project is also in line with the principles of transparency and fairness on which Marsa Maroc’s purchasing policy is based, as well as with its environmental and sustainable development commitments.

Marsa Maroc urges all of its suppliers to read the registration procedures and the user manual available in the platform.