Company profile
Marsa Maroc is the national leader in the management of port terminals. In the nine ports where it is present, Marsa Maroc provides port logistics services within its concession area.
Since its creation in December 2006, Marsa Maroc has been committed to a development process in line with the momentum characterizing the logistics sector in Maroc. In addition to implementing quality service as a priority through, inter alia, human capital development and continuous improvement of its equipment fleet, Marsa Maroc aims at becoming a regional reference in port operations.

         Marsa Maroc in brief

      Corporate name : Société d'Exploitation des Ports
      Trade name : Marsa Maroc
      Legal status : Limited company with board of directors and supervisory board
      Headquarter : 175, BD Zerktouni-Casablanca-Morocco
      Share capital : 733.956.000 MAD
      Turnover* : 2.748 millions MAD
      Staff* : 2.100 collaborators
       Global traffic* : 36,5 million tons.

(*) To the end of 2018.