Our Human Capital

Our Human Resources, Our Main Asset

Marsa Maroc operates in the services sector where Human Resources are of paramount importance. At Marsa Maroc, we are confident that our development and image are the result of the commitment and the mobilization of our human resources.

Marsa Maroc is an enterprise with a national dimension present in nine ports of the Kingdom. Thus, there are more than 2,200 employees, men and women, who enable us to handle every day the ships passing through our facilities in the best of times and quality service. In fact, whether our human resources work at the operational or functional levels, the aim is that every employee, from Nador to Dakhla, contributes to providing our customers with services that best meet their expectations.

Our port logistics business consists in developing, within our departments and branches, a wide range of functions and activities:

  • Operationally : machine operator, driver, warehouse keeper, pointer, dockworker, billing agent, park officer, security personnel, station manager, networks electrician, electronics technician, machine electrician, etc.
  • Functionally : human resources manager, communications officer, lawyer, finance manager, management controller, purchaser, auditor, information systems manager, quality controller, strategy officer, events organization officer, etc.

    Our human resources in numbers