Key Dates


Creation of the Company

Marsa Maroc was created in December 2006 as part of the Law 15/02 on port reform establishing from the former ODEP, the Ports National Agency and the Ports Operations Company, Marsa Maroc.
Under this new configuration of the ports sector, the Ports National Agency has been empowered with the authority and duty of regulating the industry and the Ports OperationsCompany with business missions in the contracted port terminals.


Creation of the brand name "Marsa Maroc"

Since 2007, the Ports Operations Company operates under the brand name "Marsa Maroc" which also serves as the company's logotype. The brand name Marsa Maroc indicates the business of the Company as well as the national character of the Company which is present in the largest trade ports of the Kingdom.


Development: Implementing the CAP 15 Strategic Plan

The strategic plan developed and implemented by Marsa Maroc in 2008 is built around growth axes, areas for improvement and the upgrade of support functions. As far as the growth axes are concerned, they are based on the container strategic business development through, among other things, obtaining concessions of container terminals and improving service quality and the operational performance of the existing facilities.
The second axis of growth revolves around the development of partnerships with the loose bulk and oil industrialists around the Jorf Lasfar / Safi complex. As far as areas of improvement are concerned, it is about improving the quality of service for cars-carriers (vehicles) and for conventional work through partnership. Alongside these development projects, transversal projects involving the upgrade of the company's support functions, especially the improvement of human resource management, the establishment of a control system management, the improvement of management procedures, etc. have been launched.


Obtaining the concession for operating in the Container Terminal 4 of Port of Tanger Med II

The year 2009 saw the completion of a major objective of the CAP 15 strategic plan with the signing in June 2009 of the concession agreement of the container terminal 4, CT4, of the Port of Tanger Med II between Marsa Maroc and TMSA. Under the terms of the concession agreement concluded with TMSA for a period of 30 years, Marsa Maroc commits itself to implementing all the superstructures and equipment necessary to operate the terminal.
With a total capacity of 2,250,000 TEU containers, the multi-user Container Terminal 4 will provide major international shipping lines and Moroccan importers and exporters with 1200 linear meters of quay 16 meters deep and 133.5 acres (54 hectares) of embankments. Its commissioning is planned for February, 2015.

Support for onboard cargo handling and consecration of the uniqueness of handling at the Port of Casablanca

September 28, 2009 marked the completion of the post-reform transitional period in the Port of Casablanca with the handling by Marsa Maroc of onboard operations for all vessels using its facilities and the commissioning of the new operator and competitor, Somaport.


Launch of construction work of a terminal for cars

His Majesty King Mohammed VI launched on Monday March 29, 2010 in Casablanca the construction of a terminal for the processing and storage of cars transiting through the Port of Casablanca, with a total investment of 168 million dirhams. Built on a covered area of 75,000 m2, the new terminal has a capacity of 5,000 units as it will improve the transit conditions of cars and provide value-added services.


Operations in a new terminal at Jorf Lasfar

Inauguration by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on Thursday December 22 of the new multipurpose terminal of Jorf Lasfar.
The terminal, operated by Marsa Maroc, provides operators with infrastructure consisting of a linear quay of 310 meters at a depth of 12.50 m to accommodate vessels of 60,000 tons and an embankment of 9.3 ha.
Marsa Maroc has endowed the new multipurpose terminal with equipment necessary for its operation, namely two cranes of 63 t tires, 2 mobile hoppers of 120 m3 and other cargo handling gear.


Inauguration of storage space for vehiculs

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him inaugurated, on April 26, 2012, a new vertical storage space for vehicles located in the cars terminal of Casablanca port.

This storage space is designed to meet the needs of importers and exporters of cars in terms of saving time, capacity and service quality. The project required a budget of 168 million MAD.

With five storage levels, the car park has a storage area of 100.000m2 offering capacity for 5.000 units. In accordance with international norms and standards, the car park contains areas of delivery and receipt of cars and an area dedicated to value-added services. 


Signature of the agreement related to the concession of container terminal 3 of the port of Casablanca

2013 was marked by an important achievement which is the signature, in February, of the agreement related to the concession of container terminal 3 - CT3 – of the port of Casablanca between Marsa Maroc and the National Agency of Ports (ANP).

Under the terms of the signed concession agreement with the National Ports Agency (ANP) for a period of 30 years, Marsa Maroc will undertake the implementation of all superstructures, equipment and human resources necessary for the functioning of CT3 that is scheduled to start up in 2015, for an investment of about 850 million DH.


Certification according to ISO 9001 : 2008 standards of all ports operated by Marsa Maroc

Following certification audits conducted between June 2011 and May 2015, all ports operated by Marsa Maroc are now certified according to ISO 9001 : 2008 standards.

This certification confirmed Marsa Maroc's commitment to better meets its customers' requirements through the implementation of a quality management system according to ISO standards. It is an international recognition of the quality of human, organizational and technical means set up by Marsa Maroc in all its operational sites.


1- Marsa Maroc listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange

The official ceremony of first listing Marsa Maroc on the Casablanca Stock Exchange was held on July 19th, 2016

This initial public offering follows the opening of Marsa Maroc's capital to the public. The company had obtained on June 10th, 2016 the visa issued by the Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) for the sale of 29,358,240 shares for a total amount of MAD 1,929,835,017.50. Through this initial public offering, Marsa Maroc aims to institutionalize and open its capital to new partners, strengthen its governance and access to new external financing to support its growth.

2- Commissioning of two new concessions: TC3 - Port of Casablanca and the North Quay - Port  of Agadir

Marsa Maroc obtained in February 2013,  the concession in the port of Casablanca of the Container Terminal 3 (TC3) with a capacity of 600,000 TEU. The commissioning of the new terminal was successfully accomplished on October 2016. Its operation was entrusted to a subsidiary (TC3PC) wholly-owned by Marsa Maroc. This terminal is equipped with high-capacity cranes using the latest technology that allow them to handle post-panamax vessels, thus confirming Marsa Maroc's ambition to better meet the ever-increasing demands of shipowners at the port of Casablanca .

Another concession confirms the company's ambition for development : the obtaining in 2016, of the concession of the North Terminal at the Port of Agadir by a group of companies in which Marsa Maroc holds the majority. This multi-purpose terminal was commissioned in September 2016 by SMA,  a subsidiary newly created by Marsa Maroc for this purpose.




Marsa Maroc signs on March 15, 2019 a joint venture agreement with Eurogate International GmbH and Contship Italia SpA for their entry in the share capital of Marsa International Tangier Terminals SA (MINTT ), which has as sole shareholder Marsa Maroc.

MINTT is a concession holder company for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the container terminal 3 of the Port of Tanger Med extension. The terminal has a nominal capacity of 1.5 million TEU and is expected to be commissioned mid of 2020.