Marsa Maroc "Sponsoring" Charter

1- Vision

Since its establishment, Marsa Maroc has relied on sponsoring to promote socio-economic development and sports and cultural activities in Morocco, and more particularly of the 9 regions in which it operates.

The main objective is to increase Marsa Maroc's visibility and services toward its various target audiences (customers, shipping companies, shipping agents, freight forwarders, etc.) and to enhance the company's positive image by financing partners who share our values and/or objectives.

Sponsoring also allows Marsa Maroc to build its brand image, to facilitate its integration into its economic and social environment and to create a climate of trust and sympathy around it that is conducive to the development of its business. The objective of our sponsoring actions is also to emotionally engage with our audience beyond our public service role and the services typically provided.

This charter defines Marsa Maroc's sponsoring policy, in particular the areas of citizenship that the company focuses on.

2- Spheres of action targeted by our sponsoring:

Logistics and ports business
Marsa Maroc supports professional events in connection with its role as a port operator and as a valuable link in the national logistics chain. Marsa Maroc takes a keen interest in trade fairs, forums, conferences and symposiums on the theme of logistics, ports and the sea industry.  

Performing arts
Marsa Maroc contributes to the country's cultural visibility by forging sponsorship partnerships with local cultural associations operating mainly in theatre, music and the performing arts in a more general way.

As part of the promotion of sports in Morocco, Marsa Maroc supports several associations and sporting events. Some of the sports disciplines that Marsa Maroc focuses on include soccer, tennis, judo and running.

Social aspects and the Environment
Marsa Maroc is committed to fostering partnerships that are consistent with its desire to contribute to the country's socio-economic development. In this respect, Marsa Maroc pays particular attention to the schooling of children in rural areas.

Given the nature of its activity, Marsa Maroc places environmental issues at the heart of its concerns and thus provides financial and logistical support for several actions, particularly those related to the cleanliness of the coast and to raising awareness of young people with regard to environmental protection, and more generally any activity related to sustainable development.

3- Criteria

Marsa Maroc supports actions that are consistent with its sponsorship policy, which itself stems from its corporate communication strategy.
Sponsorship actions must fulfill certain criteria in terms of values and objectives. To this effect, several criteria are taken into consideration:
  • The action must be part of one of the aforementioned Marsa Maroc fields of action;
  • The purpose and objectives of the action or event must be in line with the corporate communication strategy and values;
  • The action or event must take place in one of the regions in which Marsa Maroc operates;
  • Aside from patronage, the planned communications campaign must provide an excellent visibility for the "Marsa Maroc" brand. Generally speaking, occasional visibility is given to the company in exchange for its support, in the form of advertisements, banners and other flags, during functions or events.