Our Equipment

Ports equipment refer to all machines and equipment used for the handling of goods and assistance to ships transiting through the terminals and quays. They thus constitute the tool of service production, the reliability and capacity of which directly affect the quality of service.

The purchasing policy of ports equipment: the purchase of equipment is based on anticipating and adapting to market needs in terms of changes in traffic volume, types of packing, vessel characteristics, emergence of new traffics, etc. The policy also supports the extension of the Company's business through the equipment of new port terminals operated by way of example.

Maintenance Policy: It is mainly based on routine preventive maintenance that helps prevent the risk of engine breakdowns. In addition to preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance aims at restoring, as soon as possible, the functional capacity of engines when they break down. In order to achieve this, Marsa Maroc regularly resorts to subcontracting with specialized service companies, through key markets, for the execution of the maintenance of its equipment fleet.

The equipment fleet : ( Click on + to visualize the content of categories)
It consists of three main categories namely :